Damn I'm rusty.  I've barly graze the 2.000 mark today.  I don't remember this being so hard.  So I'm slacking off and avoiding my poor story already ^^;  Sci-fi thing is harder than I though when I really want to build a solid BDSM world along side off it.  I think once I get the two MC together things will go a little bit more smoothly. 

New Vampire Wings story and Word press site up

Well I switched the links so now the wordpress site will be up although I won't be taking the old site down for a while. Pretty much everything is transferred over. The only thing I didn't repost is the character profiles for Dragon Boy and The Hawks. I still haven't got the ebooks up since I'm still tinkering with them some. I'm still working on Dragon Boy trying to fix some plot holes since I revamped the story. Still need to look for a beta reader but I've been putting it off until a get a few chapters written and got back into the writing thing again. I don't want to start then just stop on someone.

I did work a few hours on a side story to Vampire wings that is already posted over at the website All I Need is You. It is basically Wildcat's POV of his vampire changes and Aziral's death wish. It isn't very long just a short story.

I've spent most of this week over at my new haunt Goodreads M/M romance group signing up for yearly reading challenges. I have a pretty big list but I always read a lot, and I like having some goals.
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The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug

I just got back from seeing the next installment of The Hobbit. Disappointed :( I really like the 1st one and gave it 5 stars but really only 3 for this one and that is being generous. To be fair this one will be a kids delight since it swings from one action scene to the next with very little pause for story. The 1st one I felt there was some emotional impacted and hey some actual storytelling going on even if it was non-cannon storytelling. This I feel like I've seen just one to many orcs lose their heads this go around. I'm going to get a little spoilery (is that a word ^^;) so don't click the cut if haven't seen the movie.
spoilerCollapse )

All in all if you are interested in the movie, go see it in the theater. It is action packed and I do think that is the best place to see it even if it didn't hit all my buttons.
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Don't like, hate it, and for the 1st time since I was first able vote will be voting Republican ick. I don't believe it is healthcare reform at all considering it does nothing to fix the cost of healthcare. Last time I went to the emergency room for kidney stones with top tier insurance I STILL had $3,000 worth of bills and I wasn't admitted or anything. Aspirin at the hospital is like $8 for two o_O Anyway here is a couple of article I found that pretty much sums up what I think of healthcare. This guy is totally right to bad the US government can't get their heads out of their asses.

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I was kind of sick most of this week with the starts of a cold so as soon as I got home each day from work I ate, took nyquil, and went to bed.  I proably slept at least 14 hours a day but I do feel better except for a nagging headache.  I spent last weekend and this one fiddling around with various website and writting stuff.  The Hawks is up now so all that is left is The Escort, Black Heaven, Forbidden Desires, and Seduction of a Pet. I want to do a custom 404 page as well then I set the site to direct to the WP site instead of the old one, not that I'll have any vistors :P  It been years since it was active.

I also looked into perhaps changing web hosts.  Start logic seems to be very slow loading and the CS isn't very fast although I haven't really had much need for it.  I looked at some review of the host and everywhere I go they seem to be bad now.  What also concerns me is the up time seems to be bad.  They use to be a good web host but I also noticed a few years ago my bill went from around $50 to $110 a year without any warning.  They switch my plans when they restructured I think.  I didn't really pay to much attention at the time but I am paying quite a bit so I would like to know the site will at least be up all the time even if it isn't high traffic.  Still it is a pain in the ass to switch web host so I'm testing it out there a site that check to make sure you site is up and keeps track of when it is down.  If the results are bad I'll go through the hassle of switching.

I've stopped uploading my sub files to the server since if I change web hosts I would have to reup them again.  I decided since I have unlimited storage it would be good to upload them to my hosting server as a backup.  I thought about using a backup service but why pay that added cost when I have a place to store the stuff already.  Also if someone does request one of my old sub files because they have been deleted everywhere else I can give them a link to download then change the file name a few days later to keep them from hotlinking.  Although I would probably be very careful about doing it very often, or with who.

I also finally I think have the Table of Contents right on converting my completed stories to ebooks.  It took me a while to get it right but now I can offer the stories of easy download to e-reader or offline reading.  I still have to test a few things but hopefully by the time I open the WP site  I'll have all the completed stories up for download in most of the various file formats.  Gods I LOVE Calibre :)

Happy Thanksgiving Jameson style

Yep, I'm starting Thanksgiving early with a bottle of Jameson whiskey :P I plan to drink my Thanksgiving away and skip the family dinner although I'm not sure my bottle will last ^^;. Not really into family dinners anyway and with my job I'm not allowed to work holidays since they are double pay so if I want to get paid I have to use my vac time. Vacation if you can't go anywhere for me means hang out at home with minimal close and relaxing. God I could be a hermit :P

I'm instilling a trial version of Scrivener right now.  I like Liquid Story Binder but the fact it doesn't have a spell/ grammar checker built in is a bother. I also heard some good things about the program, so I'll check it out.  I really feel like writing but with half a bottle of whiskey in me all I keep picturing is Marek standing behind King Nolan bent over a table, chained with a spreader bar between his legs.   That really doesn't fit within the story right now.  I wonder if I could work it in when I'm sober?  Also downloaded a porn vid yesterday with a sub with heavy army boots dangling from his balls but I don't think Nolan is the kind of guy that wears army boots maybe Marek?

Anyway moving on from spreader bars and army boots.  I closed down my subbing journal last week because damn Japanese music is expensive, I should have got hooked on drugs there're cheaper, even if the drug dealers wouldn't be as sexy as Gackt or as cute as Udea.  Then I turn around today a bought $80 worth of cds.  I felt bad for not supporting Kat-Tun since they lost yet another member O_O  Yeah, like always, I was late in hearing that Koki got booted from the group for trying to make money on the sided and naked dick pics.  Why did the magazine the published them decide to make Koki's dick green is beyond me?  Anyway since Kat-Tun can't be doing good with the lose of yet another member I wanted to buy their latest cd with only the four of them.  Then I seen Angelo had yet another album and I couldn't resist.  I won't say Kirito's voice as good as Gackt's but it is close for me.  I kind of hate myself for spending the money but I figure I'll get over it.

After I finish this post I'm going to read some bubble gum M/M romance.  I want something cute, funny, and pointless.  Maybe some Stormy Glenn shifter stuff. I was just bought Fun with Dick and Shane and I have a few newer releases but I haven't got them loaded on my Kindle yet and I'm not feeling like messing with ubs ports and file transfers.
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Finished some house work, went over to visit the neighbors, and I finally finished up the Dragon Boy section of the website. I decided it would be easiest to do the art gallery for each section then post the story that way I can link the art in the chapters easily. Rather boring but now that I have the bones of the site set up it shouldn't take me forever to get everything posted. The short stories are already done and Dragon Boy so I've got alot done. The site looks a little boring but I'm really not interested in coding the whole thing and Wordpress is a lot easier to work with.

I've played a little on chapter 29 of Dragon Boy I think I've the rest of the story rewritten in my mind so it just a matter of getting it down on paper. I want to get Dragon Boy done before I work on anything else since there isn't to much more left of the story. I feel a little bit bad about not finishing up Dragon Boy and The Hawks so I really want to finish them up even if I don't write anything else.

Other than that nothing to much new. I haven't been to the movies in years, like I think the last one I went to was the 1st new Star Trek movie. But I'm determined to go to the second part of the Hobbit that is out Dec 11. Of course I looked at ticket prices that now are over $10 to get in and realize two things: I'm glad I'm not a movie goer and the Movie companies need to STOP whining that they don't make ANY money because of pirates.

By the way what the hell was I thinking with all these fricking tags in my journal?!? I mean I've got a huge mess of tags in this journal that I didn't remember. I lack origination obviously.
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Plot bunny BDSM world

BDSM World

New world colonized from dissatisfied Earth

Future- Date? far enough to allow the tech and civilization to mature close enough to present to still remember earth and what brought the original colonist to the world

  • Early genetic manipulation of original colonists and future generations allows a bond to form between people.

  • Normally pairs, but can be trio or even rarer more.

  • Bond formed between Dom(Master)/sub(slave)

  • Ability to bond and person's identity appears at puberty (doesn't always :P)

  • No extra options available here.  No telepathy, psychic connections, magic use going on.

  • Bond effects

    • Dom has full control over sub.  No standard slow/safeword in a bonded pair.  Dom's command can't  be disobeyed if they put their complete feeling/emotion into it.  Takes concentration to command and force a sub against their will but it can be done.  Normal everyday orders are like a non-bond couple and be ignore, forgot, done wrong.  A Dom had to consciously try to command and expends energy doing so.

    • At puberty a Dom will become aware of power to claim sub (still fiddling on how this works) Basically Doms have the ability to form a bond with their subs.  Subs have the power to break that bond.  Neither can do what the counterpart can do.

    • Subs give over complete control of their lives to their Bonded but in return at puberty they intuitively know a word.  Each Sub has their own word.  The word is their safeword, a word not to stop play but to break the bond.

    • A sub can live after a bond is broken but a Dom with wither and die within a year without a bonded partner.

    • A sub that safewords cannot form another bond?  Still working on this idea

    • bonding is for life except when a sub uses a safeword.  Death in one partner results in the death of the other.  Subs that do safeword often times, without extensive help, suicide.

  • Culture revolves around Dom/sub relationships, but is not ridged.  Being unbonded by 40 is somewhat like being unmarried by 40.  But you can not set on the ruling body to the world (council of some kind still working on it) or train youngster in Dom/sub life.

  • There is no true mate type thing.  No insta-love.  Choosing a bonding partner is like choosing a husband/wife except there is no do over, so a great deal more care is given.

  • At the age of 16 a teenager starts training as a sub or Dom.  Weekends and summer holidays are spent with an older certified trainer.

  • Doms are trained by older subs.  Subs are trained by older Doms.  All trainers are bonded but not always are both people in the pair trainers.

  • Age 16 to 18 both subs and Doms get the same training in service and obeying orders of their trainer.  No sex is involved.

  • After 18 sub my start looking for their bonded.  Doms go thru additional training.  Depending on their kinks training can take several months to years.

Ok I wanted to get that down for now.  I've been thinking about it all day.  Anyway my last post here was years ago.   I know I disappeared.  I was still here at LJ just lurking over on the dark side with the subbers.  I have a one track mind with my hobbies.  I'm rather obsessive with what I do.  So when I was subbing I didn't want to write.  I'm still not sure if I'll get back into writing but I'm trying.  I've went back over Dragon Boy and reworked the next chapter in the story.  I'm still trying to rework the story in my head.  They way I had the rest of the story would swing me into a sequel for the story involving Drake's kids and Marek's along with a war that Tir and Drake were fighting.  But honestly its been so long I've changed and internal stories have changed too.  I'm not really interested in that sequel anymore, so I'm reworking the story to make a happy ending.

I'm redoing the site to help make it super easy for me to update.  I broke down and installed wordpress I'm still working on getting all the stuff transferred over before I start adding anything new.  I'll also have to look for a betareder again so it will be a while before you see any updates.  I'll finished Dragon Boy and eventually The Hawks.  Black Heaven with probably be scrapped or if I do decided to continue with it rewritten.  Seduction of a Pet is something I might not finish.  I don't think many people would care if I didn't finish it since it was based on Taming of Riki.

Anyway the above world is the new sandbox I'd like to play in hopefully soon.
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